I'm using this page as a tribute to Mint! I've put a boatload of my favorite images of her over in the Gallery, and have information on her and her world so you can get to know my angel a little better. Thanks for popping by for a visit!
What's New?

04/04/16: Her Series page actually works now, turned the link hover color to blue instead of neon green, as that made no sense, I also added an about me page in the event if anyone ever really needed to reach me for some god forsaken reason, not that I'm sure I needed to. Next project is definitely learning how to HTML a bit better and cleaning things up.

02/27/16: Added a Gallery! Still haven't done the FAQ or Series page, will continue working away at getting those done. (Might just remove the FAQ on account of there not being any actual questions ever asked, kinda creates issues with the whole thing...)

02/26/16: Template was loaded in! Now It looks a little nicer! Site is still in the works, so for now some links won't work properly and all that fun stuff.